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Any way to sort games a certain way?

  • It bugs me a little that games are sorted alphabetically according to their displayed name, without exception. So for example, if I want "The Legend of Zelda" to go under L instead of T, I have to omit the definite article. It can also be an issue for a series of games that doesn't follow a strict alphanumeric order. In Steam, the Doom games are scattered everywhere. Ultimate Doom (which is really the first game) comes last, Master Levels for Doom II goes under M, Final Doom under F, etc.

    I was hoping it would just sort by the rom name or the order in which the games are listed in gamelist.xml (as it does for systems in es_systems.cfg), but it only goes by the display name. Is there any way to change this, or has this been considered for a future release?

  • This should be the long list of "Possible EmulationStation improvements".
    Currently however, development of EmulationStation is on hiatus. That means that 1) it will not happen, or 2) you make it happen.

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    well, it very much could happen in the fork:

    i suggest raising an issue here. my hope is that eventually retropie will adopt this fork, once it starts to have beneficial features.


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