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Feature Request: Theme Reload Button

  • I am not sure if I had fully understood why you need it.
    It's about creating themes and the fact that ES crashes when it can't resolve a path to some of the resources, right?

  • @ectoone That sounds right. A while ago, you could press F4 and instantly restart ES. I was wondering if a feature like that could be brought back and mapped to the gamepad.

  • @lilbud But then what's wrong with using --debugand pressing ctrl+r? I know that it has its own little flaws, like not reloading background images, but for the most part it works fine for me.
    Maybe it's because I how I code. Mostly I'm using a template when I mess with theme stuff. And when I have to try something new, I leave out all parts - from which I know will crash ES - until the end.

  • @ectoone said in Feature Request: Theme Reload Button:

    But then what's wrong with using --debugand pressing ctrl+r?

    Don't have/want a keyboard set up

  • @lilbud that's a pretty good reason.
    Didn't expected that you're creating themes directly on your Pi.

    Edit: Wait, so the problem with ES freezing when selecting a system happens also on the Pi? Thought that was fixed recently. Haven't really used Retropie for quite some time now.

  • @ectoone Well I did originally, then switched to making themes on my computer with ES on windows, and then ES on Windows started crashing when switching to the game list, so now I switched back to making themes on the Pi.

    ES only freezes on Windows, its fine on the Pi

  • @lilbud Oh yeah, then I fully understand why you want that now. The bug is so annoying on the windows build. It almost made me stop working on themes when I was trying out all the variables stuff, especially since I had some weird problems with them as well.
    I'm curious if @jdrassa knows about it. I was so happy when I saw that it was fixed, and then so sad when I noticed that it was not applied to the windows build for whatever reason.

  • @ectoone I was aware of the bug affecting Ubuntu, but this was the first report I have seen that it affected the Windows version. The Windows builds that I provide are automated and should reflect the latest code in the RetroPie repository. The fix should have been applied to the Windows version, but I am unable to verify currently as I am away from my main computer. There is a delay between when a change lands in the RetroPie repository and when the Windows build is updated, but it normally shouldn't be more than 1-2 hours. A simple work around you can use for now is to disable the on screen help option in the UI settings menu.

    @lilbud back to your original question, is there a reason that the existing keyboard shortcut when running in debug mode is not sufficient?

  • @ectoone said in Feature Request: Theme Reload Button:

    But then what's wrong with using --debugand pressing ctrl+r?

    Like I said before

    @lilbud said in Feature Request: Theme Reload Button:

    Don't have/want a keyboard set up

  • administrators

    @lilbud it would seem like a good idea if doing theme development to get a keyboard.

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