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PS3 controller jumping all over, automatically selecting things

  • I carefully followed the instructions for setting up my PS3 controllers via bluetooth. I'm running the latest stable versions of everything. It occasionally works correctly. However, most of the time:
    I boot up retropie, wait for everything to load, and then press the PS button to turn on the controller. Everything goes haywire, the controller starts flipping left and right and activating buttons all on its own.
    I've tried this with two different controllers and it still happens.
    If I turn on the controller before booting retropie it ALWAYS happens.
    what can I do?
    If there's no solution I'm willing to purchase another bt controller - but I really like the layout of the six-axis and I'd like to stick with it. If the problem is the controller - please recommend a bluetooth controller that "feels" like the ps3 six-axis controller.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • It's the controllers fault. Open it up and clean the button contact pads.

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