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SSelph Scraper not working for me...

  • I'm trying to download boxarts, marquees and videos for all my games. All my games are on a thumbdrive. I want to put the images/videos in subfolders of my rom directory. I am trying the following in the CLI:

     -console_img "b"
     -download_images "true"
     -download_marquees "true"
     -download_videos "true"
     -image_dir "boxarts"
     -image_path "./boxarts"
     -img_format "png"
     -marquee_dir "marquees"
     -marquee_path "./marquees"
     -marquee_format "png"
     -video_dir "videos"
     -videos_path "./videos"
     -video_suffix ""
     -missing_file "missing.txt"

    The problem is, all my ROMs get "hash not found" errors...

  • Hi there!

    From within Emulation Station press Start and select the option to Quit Emulation Station, it should show you a CLI prompt.

    Use a keyboard or log in with SSH into you Pi and type the following:
    sudo ./RetroPie-Setup/

    Now go to Configuration/Tools and select #28 scraper

    ETA Prime has a great video with tutorial:

    Hope this helps!

  • @shoothere You can't use any of the options I outlined in my code in the GUI... hence why I am using the CLI.

  • I figured out why its not working anyways... It appears that GDB has been down all week. I switched it to SS and its working better.


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