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Sound Driver Issue 4.2.x on XU4

  • I have installed Retropie on top of Ubuntu as instructed per the wiki. Looking at the install instructions on the retropie wiki on the XU4 I am running into the no audio issue when not in a game. I see the following guidance, but am apparently failing to understand how to perform this step. Any help would be greatly appreciated:

    Fix sound not working/stuttering

    If you have troubles with no sound or sound stuttering badly in menu or game, try disabling pulseaudio:

    mkdir ~/.pulse
    echo "autospawn=no" >> ~/.pulse/client.conf
    pulseaudio -k

    I have only fired up a couple emulators, but in game audio seems to work. In menus I get silence, can't adjust the system volume and have it stick, and also when attempting to go to RetroPie Setup I see an error about lvl0 volume not functioning.

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