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Kodi Remote has suddenly stopped working (kodi through retropie)

  • I had some troubles with retropie a few nights ago - I'd filled the SD card up too much and it caused kodi to crash (not even load afterwards due to lack of space). I have since backed up the contents of the SD card to a new bigger SD card.

    When I loaded kodi up it was with a default skin that I didn't usually use (I assume it had defaulted all of its settings) and now when I try to connect to it using the kodi app on my iphone, it won't even find it. I tested the internet is working - there are no issues with that as far as I can see and it is connected to my network.

    In the Control section of settings/services I have allow remote control from applications on this system and allow remote control from applications on other systems both checked.

    Any ideas what may be causing this? I will also post this on the kodi forums but as it's installed as part of retropie I thought I'd check here first?

  • It seems your settings, the /home/pi/.folder (notice that this is a . folder so it is a hidden folder in linux) weren't transfered to the new sdcard. Take a look at it.

  • @rascas how would the settings impact it? I've hooked up a keyboard, gone to the settings in kodi and enabled all the necessary web services to be able to connect via the app (I think)

  • To enable remote control via apps like the official one, Yatse, etc, you have to go to Settings -> Services -> Control and configure the parameters. Then, configure accordingly in the app that you use. This is a brief explanation, but you will find a lot of tutorials on the web on how to do it.
    If after that, you still cannot connect, enable the debug mode like explained below, try to make the connection, and post the log here after:

  • @rascas ah yes, I've done all that - access for the app should be enabled.

    Here is my log

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