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Jzintv rpi updated on their website but not on retropie

  • On jzintv's homepage there is a new version of jzintv including for the pi. The updated version has support for ms pacman and the never released but in existance tutorvision. The grom and exec plus 3 of the games have been ripped from the system and carts. There are a total of 14 games that have been made for the tutorvision and intellivision productions has all 14 but only 3 have been found in the wild and have been ripped. I would love to have this version now in retropie so i dont have to have jzintv in a different location to keep retropie updates from overwriting it.

  • Also one more thing that the new version added. A guy named decle had made a studio ii emulator for the intellivision. The game roms each have the emulator inside them with the game rom. What was added in jzintv is the -G2 flag that you can put in the emulators.cfg to give the intellivision more gram which allows those games to run in full screen instead of a windowed screen. The games are called studiovision ii.

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