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exiting games in 4.3 , start and select no longer work

  • So in 4.2 pressing start and select ( or back and start on 360 ) exited the game, now after upgrading to 4.3 it no longer works. How do I change this back? Now I have to unplug and replug my pi to pick new games.

  • I have my RPI3 updated to RetroPie 4.3 and start+select still exits games just fine for me.

  • ive had the same issue.. ive found that the Hot key and start exits the game.. and hotkey and select opens the retropie menu.. ( the hot key is added in the controller config )

  • @guitarans when it asks for hotkey unless your controller doest have a key you can assign to select, you really should use select as your hotkey. That is how it was originally designed. The only reason they added the hotkey option in the controller config menu in emulationstation was because of people using controllers like the n64 controller or dreamcast controller where they dont have a button to assign to select. It used to automatically assign it to select.

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