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No "online updater" in retroarch menu

  • Hello,
    I'm trying to access the online updater in retroarch to access game cheats. I pressed "select" and "x" to access the retroarch menu and I noticed that the online updater is not in the spot where most online videos show it to be. Is there a way to unlock/install it? Is it in another spot? Or is there another way to install cheats? Please reply with specific step-by-step instructions as I am very new to all this.

    I have retropie 4.3 downloaded from on a raspberry pi 3, a 64GB PNY micro SD card, a 2.5 A power supply, and a 8bitdo NES Pro controller. I used Etcher and a MacBook Pro OX El Capitan Version 10.11.4 to install retropie onto the card and I currently have a mac keyboard plugged into the pie via usb.

    Thank you

  • @pdugwill6 It's there. Just hidden by default. Go into RetroArch settings and look for something like "enable advanced options" or "show advanced options" can't recall exactly but it's in there and just needs to be toggled on to show.

  • @jonnykesh I went to Retroarch by pressing select and x. Then I went to settings. I didn't see any options like that. Should I be looking somewhere else? Like under retropie setup?

  • @jonnykesh nevermind. I found it. Thank you!!!

  • Can anyone enlighten me with the heirarchy that locates online updater to toggle it on? I've got a headache from looking. Lol

    Nevermind! For those curious in the future;

    Retroarch > Settings > User Interface > Show Advanced Options [ON] > back to User Interface > Views ... > Show Online Updater [ON]

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