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[solved] Amstrad CPC and Keyboard

  • Hello all,

    I'm quite a noob with Retropie but already love it & my RPi3 :)
    I am running the latest Retropie 4.3 and have problem with using the virtual keyboard of the amstrad CPC emulator.

    • First, I have to launch the game, go into Retroarch config and select "Amstrad Joystick" as input method (which is not the default, I don't know why).
    • Then I can display the Virtual keyboard with a button on my X360 Wireless Controller, as shown in the capture below, but it does not react to anything. I have even plugged a mouse which moves the cursor but the keyboard does not react to clics and is of no use.

    Question is: how can I configure the Amstrad CPC virtual keyboard correctly ? Which config file to temper with ?
    For the record, I have another SDcard with Recalbox on it and it works correctly (even if the Virtual keyboard does differ graphically though). I have not been able to understand which config file I have to investigate...

    Thanks !


  • to answer my own post, the dev of libretro-cap32 answered me on github. It's a simple matter of switching the virtual keyboard to gamepad emulation by using the SELECT key. Then you can use the virtual keyboard with the mouse. YEAH !

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