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TV Overlay

  • Hi all

    After trying a bunch of overlays, and being weirdly obsessed with it, I decided to try making my own little 1080p TV overlay (no scanlines). Normally I keep this stuff to myself, but I liked how it came out:
    alt text


    • overlay png / cfg
    • instructions for getting stuff to line up just so (in retroarch.cfg file)

    This is my first post, so please let me know if I'm doing it wrong / could do it better.


  • That looks cool. Reminds me of my childhood playing the Atari 2600 at my friends house.

  • looks cool, does 8:7 aspect ratio fill the screen or do you have to use 4:3 or core provided

  • @valhalla_pi

    I personally prefer to force everything into the precise dimensions of the (4:3) viewport: custom aspect, non-integer scaling, plus smoothing to fuzz it up a little. In the rare event that I come across a game that looks distorted, I tweak the settings for just that game.

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