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Locating my screenshots

  • This should be a pretty straight forward question but I honestly can't find an answer no matter how I google it ( I just want to be able to take some screenshots for fun (not interested in scrapping) and I think I'm doing this right I can see the 100% at the bottom left of the screen (using the RGUI) but now I have no idea of how to access the images, I haven't touched anything so they should be in their default folder (/home/pi/.config/retroarch/screenshots). What is the most simple way to access them?
    I can't see anything using the in browser RP Manager or trying to connect via network, maybe I'm typing the url wrong ?

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    .config is a hidden symbolic link, but you can instead go to /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch/screenshot - can you see that?

    i attempted to create a more visible common screenshot directory here: - but not any support for it. i still think it's a good idea :P

  • @atol I believe you you're talking about how to get your screenshots using another computer, right?

    There are many ways, but I think that using a SFTP client is the most common. I use Filezilla on Linux, but if you are on Windows maybe you can try WinSCP. Maybe you can find more useful info on the Transfering ROMs part of the docs.

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