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  • Re: hiscore.dat Mame 78


    I may/may not be having a similar issue to the referenced thread. The .hi files that are being created are corrupting my game to an unplayable state. I will be referencing dkong for my example. I can run and play the game once. After that, a "dkong.hi" file is created and next time I go into the game, the screen freaks out. If I delete the .hi file, I can run it again until the next run recreates the file. Removing the "hiscore.dat" file allows the game to be played over and over but it will not save any scores of course (which is undesirable). I have tried both the new and old hiscore.dat and neither have solved the issue. If you have any suggestions, please help me out.

    Thanks for the help,

  • I have attached a picture of what the screen looks like to show a better idea of what is going on. The sound goes crazy too but thats a little bit harder to capture for a forum.

    0_1507775955087_dkong Issue.png

  • I found out that the issue I am having corresponds with the fba emulator that I am trying to use. Switching to Mame2003, the game will work and the scores will save, but the gameplay is superior on fba so I want to get that working.

    My retropie is set in accordance with the following link:

    The "game.hi" file is being created in the correct place so I am still not sure what is going on

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