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  • I am a newbie currently running Retropie 4.3 from a USB drive (retropiemount folder) from a RPi3 B. Every time I load a PSX game I get a "BIOS not found. Setup BIOS for better compatibility" warning on the lower left screen before any PSX game is loaded. Can someone please kindly show me which folder in the USB drive I should place the PSX BIOS? thx!!

  • @jak5108 This might sound obvious but put it in the BIOS file... It'll not be on your USB. This is located at /home/pi/RetroPie/BIOS

    EDIT: Or it might be, depending on how much of the file structure you copied over to the USB drive. Regardless, find a folder called BIOS and stick it in there!

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    @jonnykesh he'll also want to update setup script/usbromservice as there was a bug inhibiting bios transfer.

    More reliable to transfer over network/samba

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