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Ghost Inputs with custom theme...

  • So I made a new theme for my kids RetroPie setup. I've noticed a few things with this custom theme I made...

    1. When I navigate the carousel, it seems slow compared to the carbon theme. There is a slight lag when going from system to system to system. Any idea what could cause this?

    2. Ghost inputs. When I scroll through the carousel with my custom theme, I randomly enter the game system and sometimes even fire up a game without doing anything but pressing the d-pad to scroll left or right. I don't seem to get this same thing when I use the carbon theme. Why would a custom theme increase ghost inputs? Is it something I have in my theme code that EmulationStation doesn't like?

  • @tropez:

    1. How large are the images you are using? It could just be that your background (and any extra images) isn't optimised very well.
    2. Sorry, I don't know what could cause this. You could put your code into a pastebin and post the link here for someone to look at.

  • @tropez I have ghost inputs from time to time. But mine are a little more tame, a random scroll to the right or left. If I power down and back on, that usually does the trick.

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