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input lag in mario bros? Any actual fixes

  • @lostless said in input lag in mario bros? Any actual fixes:

    other than the time it takes your tv to display the image. Which has the same lag both ways.

    run through this artcle and see if any of it helps:

  • funnily enough, I had the same thing on my wii virtual console the other night, only on mario bros

  • Just tried snesx9 emulator on the pc and still have the same problem. But zsnesw had better results and bsnes accuracy in retro arc had the best resalts for running and jumping. But for some reason b button only did small jumps in bsnes and a did high wile the other emulators was the same kind of jumps.
    I dought raspberry pi could ever handle acceracy emulators. cuz those require high spec pc so i hear.

  • @deltax5 small jumps usually means turbo fire is turned on.

  • Arg sorry I figured it out. My receiver had settings on. Turn on throu and direct and it's alot better. Can't beleave that made it that bad. But comparing the 2 now there is still a difference when running then jumping but it's not as bad.
    I don't understand why retropie doesn't have more snes emulators.
    ZSNES is also for linux isn't it, is there a way to put it in retropi? I like it better in windows then snesx9.

  • @deltax5 retropie has at least 4 different snes9x emulators. They have their pros and cons. There will never be an arm version of zsnes. Snes9x is also more accurate than zsnes. Higan being the most accurate but the requirements are too high to ever run properly on a pi.

  • I care about button delay the most. Maybe a better controller someone can reccemend me? WOuld that even help. Once again i have a tomee snes adapter (it's advertised low latancy) and a original snes controller attached.
    Sigh I prob need a better tv. Not getting one till the next systems come out.

  • @deltax5 said in input lag in mario bros? Any actual fixes:

    cpu governater

    and where is the cpu governater setting?

  • Check for input lag on tv's. The new ones do around 20ms with their game mode. My older 4k Samsung tv does like 30something but I don't notice the input lag.

    I mainly use real snes pads connected to real snes controller ports soldered straight to gpio but I also use a usb ps3 and a madcatz joystick and don't notice lag either.

    Some resort in using the dispmanx driver which is 1 frame less than the default. No shader support, no yellow text, and I don't think it's being worked on anymore.

  • well just tried it on a psp. It was way better there. it just small. I missed some jumps but I think cuz im very rusty maybe. Had to use 1.1 so it wouldn't tare.
    That's based on the x9 emulator so im guessing my tv is so crappy.

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