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LR-Fuse won't load ZX Spectrum ROMS

  • Hi. Apologies before I start - I'm completely new to this forum and I'm only 12 - I'm writing this with my dad next to me - so I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right area. I'm also completely new to retro pie. I've successfully used some of the emulators but I'm having real problems with LR Fuse - the ZX Spectrum emulator. For some reason when I try and launch a ROM it goes straight to the Sinclair boot screen. I've found a video that suggests pressing the F1 key ought to bring up the spectrum menu that would allow me to load a ROM, but no key or key combo on my Dell keyboard brings up any such menu. I can't seem to get the virtual keyboard to do anything useful, so I'm stuck without a spectrum emulator. Can anybody help???!!!
    I'm using a Raspberry Pi 1 and Retropie 4.3. Like I say, my Atari games and my SNES games are working fine, but I really want to play manic miner on my pi!
    My dad says the ROMs work fine and were taken from a shop-bought Spectrum emulator a few years ago. He plays them on a Mac with an emulator, but I want to play them on my Pi as we're planning on building a bartop arcade machine!

  • Hi,

    So to be clear you have lrfuse installed and have your roms in the zxspectrum folder? Then when you select a rom from the retropie menu the emulator starts, but does not start the game, instead is just goes straight to the Sinclair boot screen?

    A couple of quick questions -

    • What format are your roms in .sna, .tzx. tap, etc?
    • Are any of the files you are trying to run .zip files?

    Also on lrfuse the F1 key does not enter the menu, this is key for the standard version of Fuse.

    When you set up the controls for your gamepad, usaully the very first time you start Retropie, what gamepad key did you choose as the "select" key? If you hold this down and press the button you have set as "x" this will enter the menu.

    Also, here is a link to the Retropie documents page that has some useful information on lrfuse, it also has a YouTube video on this page that shows you how to set up lrfuse.

  • Welcome!

    I had the same problem with ROMs in tzx format, I believe. I ended up re-downloading them in tap out z80 format where possible and fuse was much more reliable.

    Might have been a problem with the tzx dumps I had, but worth checking.

    Best of luck.

  • I just attempted to play The Balrog and the Cat from .tzx. The game works perfectly in ZX Spin, but pulls an r: tape loading error on the Pi. Selected correct model - 48K - using F1 menu. Am I missing something? Frankly, the emulator is pretty useless if it doesn't take .tzx files.

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    @smartgenes you are missing this

    Please do not post a support request without first reading and following the advice in

    And start a new topic.

  • @BuZz I didn't miss anything it was part if the same topic.

  • you missed to give us important information about your setup as requested in the link Buzz gave you.
    Which Pi do you use? Which version of retropie are you using? And so on...

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