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Multiple Screen - File Cofing

  • I am developing a project of a portable game, which can be connected to the TV. I want to make a retro game like a Nintendo Switch, which I can switch from laptop to desktop.
    But I have two problems:
    1- I'm using a car camera screen with a composite video input. For the image to look good, I had to change the resolution (config file) setting to the resolution of the 480x360. However, my TV is already HD. So, when I turn the console on the TV, the image gets small on the screen.
    2- Every time I switch from the small screen to the TV, I need to restart the console so that it identifies the video connection exchange. Since the small screen uses AV and the TV uses HDMI.
    My doubts are:
    1 - Is there any way to change the configuration file to increase or decrease automatically when switching from the portable screen to the TV?
    2 - Is there a way to change video output without turning RPI off?
    I'm using an RPI 3.
    Thank you.

  • @victornmartins Resolution cannot be changed on the fly. The resolution / output mode is determined by the settings in /boot/config.txt as you obviously know, These settings are loaded on boot and it takes a reboot to reload any changes made.
    Sorry but what you are proposing is just not possible.

  • @jonnykesh
    That sad...
    But thanks!

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