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NEO GEO or Capcom Fighters?

  • What has aged finer? NEO GEO fighters or Capcom in your opinion?

  • @redbatman Neo Geo

    Mainly because Neo Geo quit while on top. Capcom kept going lower and lower into the shit pile.

  • @lilbud SNK is still going. KOF 14

  • @redbatman Didn't know that.

    But the part about Capcom is still true.

    Also Konami...and Bethesda

  • We are talking about aging. The new snk and capcom games dont really fall in that category. And if we are talking about neo geo then snk hasnt made anything for neo geo since like 2004. Everything after that was all hacks. So if we are comparing neo geo vs cps 2 & 3, as much as i love them both, i personally would say capcom blows snk out of the water. Marvel vs capcom alone was better than any game on the neo geo. Now if we really want a true comparison, compare snk vs capcom to capcom vs snk. There is not even a close second for snk. Now if we wanted to add the naomi board game marvel vs capcom 2 and neo geo battle coliseum on the atomiswave board, still capcom made a better game that still aged better. And neogeo battle coliseum came out 5 years later on a sega atomiswave board which is newer than the sammy (sega) naomi board. Vampire hunter (darkstalkers), marvel, street fighter and others by capcom are the best fighting series ever.

  • neo-geo. defintely. they never shied of experimenting, even as they were going down. they may have restricted themselves to just a couple of games now, let alone fighters, but i've always liked how their fighters offered a bigger world to explore, a big roster and how their 3v3 reduced s-tier-leechers. hop, superhop, jump, super jump vs just jump sums the level of complexity up for me.

  • @redbatman yes, but after nearly to bankruptcies and a new team with every bankruptcy instance. still managed to hold on to its roots. hasn't really made them mainstream but at least they're working to give something to hardcore fighting community than going commercial like cap did.

  • @patricks333 To be honest I was going to get SFV and MVC Infinite. But after seeing capcom being like EA. I'm like nope.

  • I used to be a huge Capcom fan as a kid, going as far back as the first Street Fighter II on the SNES, and loved the speed and intensity of the Marvel vs. series. The graphics were bright and colorful, the soundtrack was energetic, and being a typical 90's kid, I loved Spider-Man and the X-Men. Heck, even their other series like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Darkstalkers popped with a certain energy and vibrancy. I had no love for SNK and their slow-paced, muddy-looking games. Who cares about Fatal Fury when I could be beating down Apocalypse and Onslaught with spectacular 30-hit hyper combos?

    But nowadays, as I'm sifting through SNK's library, I've grown an appreciation for King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown, The Last Blade, Double Dragon, and Rage of the Dragon. The hand-drawn graphics are nice without being overly in your face, the soundtrack is energetic but more mellow, and it's nice just focusing on slower-paced combat systems that don't involve long combo chains or massive super moves that take up half the screen. They're fun without becoming sensory overloads.

    Both Capcom and SNK's fighting games from the 90's into the early 00's have aged well, in my opinion, barring some of their more forgettable titles like Street Fighter I and Ragnagard. Today, Capcom has lost me as a customer, as I don't particularly like their business tactics, and feel that both Street Fighter V and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite have become too commercial, whereas SNK seems to have stayed true to their roots with King of Figher XIV.

  • I think i should choose Capcom, i used to played Street Fighter at the Pizza Place a while ago, that was way cool, i suppose.

  • I've always preferred the Street fighter series over any SNK game. Street fighter III is my favorite 2d fighter. Especially the art in Street Fighter III Second impact is gorgeous. I've never seen a 2d fighting game with such smooth animation and the backgrounds only enhance the quality even further. Also it's one of the few games from that era that has a widescreen mode.

    I grew up playing a lot of Fatal fury special on my Game gear, but I enjoyed playing Super street fighter ii at my friends house a lot more.

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