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XPad Driver Issues with 8Bitdo Wireless Receivers

  • Last night I upgraded my RP Installation to 4.3.3 and left it on over night. Today tried to play a game on my RP and it stated the 8GB SD card was full. That SD card only contains the RP installation... all of my roms are on an external USB drive and the USB auto copying service is turned off. After some digging I found that the var/log syslog, debug, and kern.log were massive.

    I cleared the logs and watched them grow in size in a matter of seconds. 126 entries are added every millisecond that look like this:

    Oct 24 19:45:45 retropie kernel: [  106.757760] xpad 1-1.3:1.0: xpad_irq_out - nonzero urb status received: -32

    This entry appears in each of the 3 logs mentioned above over and over and over again.

    When the controller is off the entries are still added... 126 per millisecond.

    When I unplug the 8Bitdo receiver the logs stop growing and no more entries are added.

    This started happening when I upgraded to RP 4.3 from 4 (it's been a while since I used my Pi). I've been using this 8bitdo receiver on my Pi3 since it was released. I use this receiver because it is the only way to pair some DS4 controllers[1], it also makes pairing other controllers dead simple... no bluetooth menu rigmarole.

    Has anyone else run into something like this? Is there something I can do to prevent the logs from growing out of control?

    Pi: Model 3
    RetroPie: 4.3.3
    Built From: Pre made SD Image on RetroPie website
    USB Devices connected: 8Bitdo SNES Wireless Receiver (Firmware v1.26)
    Controller used: PS4 Dualshock 4 CUH-ZCT1J (Recognized as XBOX 360 because of the 8bitdo Receiver)

    [1] - I have 5 official DS4 controllers and only 1 of them can pair to the Pi via BT - the others do not display a MAC address - I think it's because they are either Japanese-only versions and or have a different firmware.

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