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crt-pi shader not working on odroid xu4?

  • Hi there,

    I've just gotten myself a odroid xu4 and I've installed retropie by following the steps here: which worked a treat.

    I'm now trying to run the crt-pi shader but it's not having any effect. Other shaders do work, like the hq2x. Also I tried shader crt-hyllian-sharpness-hack and that one DOES work too.

    I checked the runcomand.log but I'm not seeing any error (Am not too sure what to look to be honest). Can I check if crt-pi and its variants (vertical, curve) are supposed to work on the xu4? If yes, where can I find error logs to I troubleshoot issues with shaders?


  • Sorry to reply to such and old thread, but did you get it working? Trying to use crt-pi to and crt-pi vertical but it doesnt work. I have seperate config files for every arcade game, that change screen size and if its vertical or not. I copied from my retropie on raspberry pi, but crt-pi will not work. Load presents in retroarch menu doesnt work either.

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