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  • Ubuntu 16.04.2
    Was using Retropie 4.3.1 and just updated to 4.3.5

    The sound doesn't work anymore. It was working fine the last time I played with it. I think it was around a week ago. The sound still works in Ubuntu.
    Updated tonight to 4.3.5 hoping to fix it. didn't work. I don't get video snaps, in game sounds or menu clicks. just seems like it's on mute but works fine in Ubuntu.

    Hit the start button to go to the sound menu
    System sounds 100%
    Enable navigation sounds ON
    Enable video audio ON

    opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/es_settings.cfg, The Enable sound option are set to true

    What could have happened or what am I missing?
    Thank You.

  • @cylon out of curiosity, can you install an "older" EmulationStation version and see if it's working there?

  • @pjft I guess I could try that. It was working fine till yesterday so version 4.3.1 was good for awhile.
    What version are you thinking I should try?

    I have been thinking about it and what might have happened but I don't know how to fix it is.
    I had the videos playing for screen saver and the audio turned off for screen saver only. Let it run that way for a few hours every so often. Sometimes I would hear sound jump in and out. Like a noise from the other room. Then yesterday I noticed I didnt have any sound.
    The reason I had it on so often and wasn't playing is I'm a designer working on a theme. Was wondering if this could be the source of the trouble?

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