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Maturity Rating as new metadata tag?

  • Hi guys!
    Now that the child friendly UI mode has landed, it's time to think about next steps.
    @darknior suggested that we could auto-populate a tag with the PEGI rating for each game, allowing parents to set the kidmode to show games, up to a certain maturity rating only.

    Now technically, this is not particularly difficult to achieve, but there are some consequences we need to discuss :

    1. What rating system?

      There are multiple systems available, of which the ESRB and PEGI are the most well known.
      ESRB, founded in 1994, it is the oldest system around.
      PEGI was initiated in 2003, and only releases from the previous ELSPA or SELL systems are included from before that time. Luckily many games have been re-released is some form or another, and can be found in their index.
      Personally, I like the PEGI system, as it clearly indicates an appropriate age, which I find easier to understand than an T, M, or A.

    2. Should the maturity rating replace the new kid-friendly tag?
      The kid-friendly tag as it is used now is a way to explicitly white-list games. I can imagine there are use cases to manually define games to allow, as well as thresholding on a certain maximum maturity rating.

    3. How to present this?
      This will complicate the user interface, and I would like to see some proposals (eg.mockups of menus) before we decide on this.

    4. scraper support
      It's all nice and good to have a new type of rating metadata, but it's little use if we cannot automatically populate it.
      So I would like to ask @sselph and @screech if they would be willing to consider adding support for this.

    5. where do we get the data from
      Regarding sources, I believe that only currently supports PEGI ratings?

    What do you guys think?

  • administrators

    @zigurana Although I was happy for the Kiosk / Kid friendly patches - I'm don't think we need meta data additions with ratings. If those are setting up ES for their kids, probably better they just limit the games available.

  • @zigurana This is a great idea! You could set this in a config file to avoid cluttering up the UI.
    You could also add this to the kidmode UI and sort by Pegi rating (3-7-12-16-18), Or normal kid white listed.

    1. I like the PEGI mode too, it is the best one :)

    2. Yes we do, KID is excellent idea, but limited, every one with children understand this.

    • You must add KID games by hand, one by one, no scrapper for help
    • You made it for your little child 4 years old, it's long, but it's cool it works fine now.
      His cousin/brother 12 years old come home, you only want to remove mature and violent games to him, you can't.
    • Your LITTLE KID become MIDDLE KID ... wow excellent you must come again on PI to change all your KID TAG by hand ... long work again :(
    1. PEGI only use 5 values, you must remove the ON/OFF button and replace by a CHOOSE one, like we choose NORMAL/KIOSK/KID mode. It is easy to to design and code for you.
      To show the chosen value when we edit a game, the best way was to record an INTERGER (3, 7, 12, 16, 18) and show it with legend :
    • 3 : General audiences
    • 7 : No parental guidance
    • 12 : Medium parental guidance (default if no choice)
    • 16 : Strong parental guidance
    • 18 : Adults only

    Show them all with NORMAL and KIOSK mode in the HOME menu.

    Let the skinners show the 5 LOGO on games detail, easy with an integer.

    1. For now only SS have some PEGI / ESRB informations ready to scrap, and i'm sure @screech will be happy to use them on PI ;)
      But it's new, myself i never search for them before, but if you add this option, i will work on my set to add these informations and share them on SS. Like i do now for player number ...
      And many other users will do the same ...

    And for exemple we have some help her :
    There are not all the games, but many are present, the platform is not important, the game is the same on all of them.
    It is a site that SS@MarbleMad can maybe crawl to automatic add these informations for every one.

  • WOAW ... like write me @screech it is very complicated around the world to found an unique "PEGI" value lol
    So many systems in so many countries ...

    ESRB, PEGI, CERO, DJCTQ, OFLC, BBFC, USK, ELSPA, VET et SFB, aDeSe, SELL,......ème_d'évaluation_des_jeux_vidéo

    To make easier to use and understand every where, as soon as a classification info is added to ScreenScraper, it looks at the lowest value, and create a SS classification. Age by Age, if i understand fine from 3 to 18. 15 values.

    • It is the good solution for every one. And easy to understand because it is almost the Year of the children.
      For the skinners it is easy too, because it make 15 images of PEGI or ESRB for exemple, and some are same to concord with the official rule.

    PEGI :
    from 1 to 6 : 6 images
    from 7 to 11 : 5 images
    from 12 to 15 : 4 images
    from 16 to 17 : 2 images
    for 18 and more : 1 image

    ESRB :
    from 1 to 9 : 9 images
    from 10 to 12 : 3 images
    from 13 to 16 : 4 images
    for 17 : Mature : 1 image
    for 18 and more : 1 image

    And i wish the default value (if the input is empty) was : 10 to stay in games for every one.

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