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  • Hey,
    Using a raspberry Pi 3 model B and have been looking for cheap PS3 controllers and came across these controllers on every online store.


    Wondering if anyone has verified these controllers can connect to the Pi via Bluetooth.

    Haven't been able to find a name or model they are categorised under but just seem to be generic Chinese knockoffs. I'm just assuming from the generic matching cases (p3 button) they are all made similar inside.

    Basic life story: currently using 2 genuine PS3 controllers to operate my Pi but as Christmas is approaching I thought having 4 controllers would be good family and friend fun.

    Edit: got photo loaded finally. Post was doing some weird stuff posting from phone

  • @cruizerdog The image didn't come through - maybe it's too large for the forum limits.

    Maybe a link to the store would help?

  • I've using a cheap red and a cheap blue ps3/ps1 look alike from a famous chinese webstore without any problems. The ones I use are wired (make sure to get ones with enough cable length) and work great with my rpi2.

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