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Monitor going black & saying power save all of a sudden?

  • I am using a Raspberry PI 3 and was doing several of things on my monitor, when all of a sudden the monitor went black. It would say power save mode or something like that. Well, I checked the hdmi to dvi cable, when I move the cable the screen will go back to what I was doing, then a couple seconds later it would go black, or say power save? Do I need to replace my HDMI to DVI cable? Could that be the problem? Or is something wrong with my Raspberry PI? I think replacing the cable will solve my problems. Please help me with this matter, I'm a HUGE NOOB at this.

  • @michael40475 I'd try another cable because if it comes back on when you wiggle it, it sounds like it's dodgy. I'd try just a bog standard HDMI if you can.

  • I'm pretty sure it has to do with your cable. Power saving comes up either if you have set a limited idle time in your TV's menu (without any input from you - not the signal) or it comes up if there is no signal coming in order to conserve energy from its backlight.

  • @matchaman I replaced the hdmi to dvi cable and it works great now! Thank you so much everyone!

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