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Portable device for RetroPie

  • @administrators Hi. Absolutely love what you guys do with RetroPie and keep up the great work.

    We have made a portable device using the Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Module Lite, which is great for teaching kids to code and is also an awesome device for playing games using RetroPie on the go. Eben Upton has seen it twice and loves it (even features in our Kickstarter video). Would love to show it to you guys :)

    Here are some crude videos I made yesterday showing it running RetroPie (no sound as it has been disabled on device and monitor used for demo has no sound output. Sound works great on TV though):

    Here is our Kickstarter video for Pip showing what else it is capable of. If you guys are interested in a hands on demo, please get in touch.


  • Looks very cool. Congrats on hitting your funding goal. You might get even more backers if you add stretch goals.

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