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Making an image of a fully setup RetroPie?

  • Hey all,

    Onto my second RetroPie, the first was a gift for a friend that was really interested in all these mini (S)NES and Genesis devices and now I am almost finished setting up the second was wondering if its possible to make an image or something to copy the micro SD card? Thinking other friends may be interested in these once they have seen it and although the set up itself does not take too long its the scrapping and fixing up correct box art etc which I would prefer not to do again! Be good too just in case somehow the Pie explodes or disappears itself and you have that backup ready.

    Thank yous :)

  • Global Moderator

    @strydg Use Win32DiskImager to create a backup of the SD card. Similar to the way you wrote the RetroPie .img file to the card, you're now creating an .img file (the backup) from the sd card.

  • @mitu Legend! Seems so simple I feel dumb for not even considering that

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