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Savestate loading from ES like on SNESMini (with Screenshot)

  • I have think ... why can't we do on ES like on SNES Mini and loading Savestate from game menu with Screenshot ?

    It can be fantastic to see all our Game Saves, with Screenshot (that is impossible on RETROARCH menu)
    And directly launch the game on the save.

    alt text
    alt text

    On RETROPIE almost all systems are working with RETROARCH :)
    It's cool because with it, it's really easy to do it and launch a savestate from CLI.

    /opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/bin/retroarch --help
    Give the command : -S, --savestate=PATH Path for the save state files (*.state)

    I don't list the other systems that not use RETROARCH but i'm sure for a part of them CLI is possible too.

    If some one can add this feature to RE, the most part of work will take in user menu and some bash script.
    And using an XML config file can help a lot to make something we can customise for each user.
    Because you can't know, or found where are savestate, we can change it in 3 retroarch.cfg different files.
    By default there are on the ~/ROMS/ $SYSTEM / directory. But for me and others it's crappy to let it like that, and we change it. I use the /opt/retropie/configs/ $SYSTEM /retroarch.cfgto do it.

    # Savefile / Savestate directory
    savefile_directory = "/home/pi/RetroPie/medias/ $SYSTEM /savefile"
    savestate_directory = "/home/pi/RetroPie/medias/ $SYSTEM /savestate"
    screenshot_directory = "/home/pi/RetroPie/medias/ $SYSTEM /screenshots"

    And i activate the SCREENSHOT on SAVESTATE :)

    savestate_thumbnail_enable = "true"

    ScummVM, Amiberry and some other are also take screenshot when savestate :D

    When we scroll games on ES we have the ROM game name (same as savestate), and the SYSTEM name.
    All is good to use, we only miss the ES user menu to launch them.

    I think the best way was to make it when we are on the game in gamelist, we press a key and ES show us the list of this game savestate. The problem was all the keys are already use lol

    • SELECT : Search / Filter menu
    • START : System menu
    • A : Launch game
    • B : Return to home menu
    • X : Random game
    • Y : Add game to Favorite
    • L+R : Move fast in gamelist
    • UP+DOWN : Move in gamelist
    • LEFT+RIGHT : Change System

    Maybe is it possible to use a long press key on A ?
    And then show the savestate menu ?

  • This is very interesting idea, if some one could get this to work it would be much clever :)

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