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Run directly

  • Hi guys,

    I'd like to run the (wifi configuration script) located in /home/pi/Retropie-Setup/scriptmodules/supplementary directly from terminal.

    I don't want to call it from the tools menu inside inside the

    How can do it ?


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    @fredcobain The script you're talking about contains helper functions, which are called from the setup script, so you cannot execute this script directly.
    What problem are you trying to solve ? Why you need to execute the script 'directly' ?

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    @fredcobain sudo ~/RetroPie-Setup/ wifi gui

  • I am actually interested in this as well and have had trouble running the .sh files directly myself.

    To answer @mitu regarding why someone would want this:

    I installed a base Retropie image and customized a few things and put it in a Pi cart for a fun, personalized, nostalgic homemade gift for a birthday. She has kids, so the accessible menus are a no go which is why I am removing it from the es_platforms.cfg and turning on Kiosk mode. (still working on figuring out the current Kiosk mode bug so it quits disabling automatically). I am leaving SSH on for when I need to update/upgrade/customize anything in the future so I don't have to lug over a keyboard/mouse for running commands. Being able to change the wifi name, edit mixer levels, themes, runcommand, etc from ssh would all be useful rather than reinstalling the retropie menu every time i need to do something. Splashscreens are definitely accessible through the but I couldn't find everything else in there.

    That's my situation.

    Will the sudo ~/RetroPie-Setup/ wifi guiwork for everything in the menu? I am not home so am unable to test this.

    Thank you.

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    @trailjacker yes. Everything can be run directly via RetroPie packages script.

  • @mitu , thank you for your reply.
    There is no specific problem, just trying to increase my knowledge about how does the retropie_setup script works.

    @BuZz , thank you. I'll try it! I believe this should also work for the other piece of codes. ;)

    @Trailjacker , I'm happy my question was useful in you scenario.

    Thank you guys!

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