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Intellivision 'CRT' old skool Retropie title screen

  • I was and still are an INTV nut/fan. I use this one as my primary title screen. I say primary because I cycle a few in and out.

    I hope you can find a spot in your build for this one as well... it's made to look like that old classic RCA CRT you had back in the 80's.

    Use either one. Those INTV fans that remember the 'Sears' model, it did not say 'Mattel Electronics presents' , so I made them both.!

    Original Intellivision:
    alt text

    alt text

  • Good stuff.

    INTV was the first game system I can remember as my grandfather and uncles used to have one that I inherited many years later. Loved playing Atlantis, Armor Battle and BurgerTime on that system. Just didn't love the controllers but you can't have everything :)

  • @jamrom2 funny. The first pi system i ever used was intellivision on a pi 2 that i put in an intellivision flashback. Created those splashscreen a long time ago. Could have saved you the trouble. Me and a friend of mine made an intellivision playcable boot video for the pi if you are interested.

  • @jamrom2 so i had a friend that had recorded the playcable songs when he was a kid and i made this intellivision flashback for him where the video we made as the boot video, the playcable songs play in emulationstation and i remade the playcable game select screen for the intellivision game list

  • That's a great theme. I'd like to have it. I created my title screen because I never found any on the internet.

    I remember the old PlayCable, My first girlfriend had it back in 1981... maybe why she was my first girlfriend... lol.

    Also... my Retropie is built into an old Sears Intellivision. I hated to gut the thing, but it was for a great cause. I'm really happy with the results.

    It's kinda fun being able to play 27 different game systems on one old modded one.


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