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Can't save current cfg to rewind and fast forward games

  • Can anyone walk me through MANUALLY editing reteoarch.cfg to get the save current configuration option working, every time I set it up to rewind and fast forward games it doesn't save at all, I've tried save config on exit and everything, I'm hoping I can MANUALLY EDIT a file and get it working

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    @woody440 You can edit the RetroArch global configuration from the RetroPie menu in ES, there's a RetroArch entry which will allow you to edit the RetroArch general configuration, the one in /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg.
    You can manually edit the file referenced above and add you changes, if the changes you make through the RGUI do not get saved.

  • @woody440 I added the following line to the NES RetroArch config file, /opt/retropie/configs/nes/retroarch.cfg:

    input_toggle_fast_forward_btn = "9"

    There are other options available for fast forwarding here.

  • Thanks got it working

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