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Tankstick Trackball Not Working in advmame

  • Re: Trackball working in mame4all but not Advmame??

    So after searching this forum I came across an older thread. The Xarcade site says to "Play! The first time you run an Arcade game be sure to choose 'lr-MAME2003' as your permanent emulator for full trackball support" but I am not sure how to do that...

    Wnem I first had this working I saw threads that said the trackball only works in advmame so I installed it and it worked. Retropie showed both. Now I did a fresh install and can not get it to work.

  • @mgrabow Why are you opening a new thread as a reply to the post you cited?

    Trackball works great in AdvanceMAME if you configure it properly, but it has also worked in lr-mame2003 for a long time. It works even better now, due to recent updates. Check the wiki page which walks you through the details.

    Now, the real problem is using a third-party image. As soon as you run into trouble, nobody can help you because none of us know what X-arcade might be doing with their image (over and above just violating the license agreements). They obviously have a configuration they think works with their hardware, but there is no way to know what else could be going on.

  • @caver01 Thanks. the trackball test proved good.

    But there are some assumptions made on the users skill level in the retroarch part...

    *Configuring RetroArch emulators for multi-mouse use

    Input Drivers: As of September 2017, there is only one RetroArch input driver for Linux with support for multi-mouse: udev.
    Determining mice index numbers

    Make sure that your RetroArch input driver is set to udev
    Start a RetroArch emulator with the option --verbose to generate a detailed log. Verbose mode is selected via the runcommand
    The resulting log is saved to /dev/shm/runcommand.log*

    make sure it is set to udev? how?

    start retroarch with the option __verbose.. How

  • @mgrabow You can enable verbose logging using the Runcommand. I dunno where you would set UDEV. I have never had to do so. I expect it is the default on a Pi, but RetroPie gets used on other platforms, so perhaps that note is there for folks who might have done something non-standard.

  • @caver01 been googling it.. not sure how to start retroarch using the "runcommand"

  • figured it out....Needed to set the mouse index to "0" in opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg

    did this in notepad from winscp.

    cant for the life of me remember how I set to retroarch to run in verbose. I stumbled on a menu for that but cant find it..

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    @mgrabow It's in the Runcommand launch menu, see the page. There is an option called Launch with verbose loggingin the list, choose that option when running the ROM and then check the /dev/shm/runcommand.log from WinSCP while the ROM is running.

  • @mgrabow said in Tankstick Trackball Not Working in advmame:

    @caver01 been googling it.. not sure how to start retroarch using the "runcommand"

    You gotta check the links and read that documentation. See how my reply had Runcommand in blue? I gave you a link to the documentation mitu cited above. I makes no sense for me to explain Runcommand when it is all written better in the documentation.

  • @caver01 I appreciate the help and I did read the link and did not find what I needed.

  • @mgrabow Did you try using Runcommand at launch, and in the menu that appears, enabling verbose mode?

  • @caver01 I had mentioned before that I was able to find it in one of the menus but I cant for the life of me find it again... verbose mode appears no where the link several people have refered be to. I was successful in getting the trackball to work. Now I am just documenting how I did it. I just cant find that launch in verbose mode...

  • @mgrabow It is in the popup menu when you use Runcommand.

  • @mgrabow said in Tankstick Trackball Not Working in advmame:

    verbose mode appears no where the link several people have refered be to.

    The option is in the Runcommand menu, but the screenshot/example of that menu is likely old and does not show that choice as an example. However, if you use Runcommand, L "Launch with verbose logging" is an option.

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