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PPSSPP weird error.

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  • After a quick look, it seems that it's the command line call for ppsspp that has an issue.
    According to the source, this error message only appears when more than a single rom name is specified in the command line arguments :

    Could you please provide us with more informations about your setup, and maybe paste the last lines of /dev/shm/runcommand.log ?

  • @sano Unfortunately, I won't be able to deliver these details today, because I don't have access to my Raspberry Pi at the momment... I will try tomorrow.

  • @sano Hello! I will send you more informations in a momment... Just give me one minute, or two.

  • @sano I didn't find runcommand.log file... What should I do in that case?

  • @mr-emu You have to try to launch your rom from ES, then check /dev/shm/runcommand.log (or /tmp/runcommand.log depending on your retropie version).
    Also please provide us with basic informations, as stated here :

  • @sano You know what dude? I solved the problem myself :D . You know PPSSPP for Windows for e.g. It's in the same form as the one I mentioned. But now, I want to mess with es_systems.cfg, to run it through the Emulationstation menu. You see, the reason of can only boot one file error, was that in the es_systems.cfg file, there was line like this:
    And when I was trying to open .iso file through th ES menu, RetroPie was cofused, whether it should run PPSSPPDL, or .iso file. That was the reason of occuring can only boot one file error message. Coming back to es_systems.cfg, how to edit it in order to run PPSSPPDL, through psp section??? Hardware list, if necessary:

    • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
    • 32GB Sandisk SD Card
    • TP-LINK 150Mbps Wireless Nano USB Adapter (Model TL- WN725N)
    • Esperanza Bluetooth USB Dongle (model wasn't specified on the box, I'm really sorry...)
    • PPSSPPDL (non-libretrocore version, but I told you about it before)

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