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    @vahnxdean The save state folder is configured in Retroarch (, so you need to modify the save states location in the Retroarch configuration files, either through the RGUI (accessible via Select + X) or by modifying the config file directly.

  • i was able to change the save state path, but now the emulator is searching my save state at my new paste, but my save states are on the old paste. What is the easiest way to copy them from the old to the new paste?

  • @vahnxdean

    i was able to change the save state path, but now the emulator is searching my save state at my new paste (path)

    Well, yeah, you just told it to do that.

    Any way you want, there are multiple ways to move files.

  • sorry, i'm a new user, i actually dont know any of them :(

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    @vahnxdean Use Midnight Commander (type mc at a command prompt/SSH session) and just copy them from one place to another.

  • ok, i will try this.

    btw, i've tried the bin folder to be my new save state's folder, but now i cannot save state anymore. I try to save state and it just shows " 0%: saving state". I've tried to restart the system, but nothing happen. Is there any problem with the paste i choosed, or must be something else?

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    @vahnxdean Try choosing a path that's writable for the pi user, so something inside /home/pi.

  • @vahnxdean bin is usually owned by root this is the equivalent of executable files in Windows. Pick somewhere else as @mitu said.

  • @jonnykesh and @mitu , help me with this doubt please (and of course any other people that can help too :) ):

    initially i was using just my sd card to storage games and save states. In my a SD card i had a game X. Then, my SD card got full, so i bought an big HD to storage the games. I used the retropie-mount option to copy all my games to the HD. But when i plug my HD on my PC, the folders of my old games, those that were (and actually are probably) at the SD card, are empty, and i need to enter in these old game pastes to copy my old save states to the new save state paste. How can i copy those old save states? Cause when i plug my SD card on my PC, it doesn't show the old game pastes, just some DTB, DAT and ELF files.

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    @vahnxdean Login via SSH or get to a command prompt by closing Emulationstation. Open the File Manager (mc) and browse the /home/pi/RetroPie/roms folder, which will contain your ROMs and save states - under each system (nes, snes, etcc).
    Copy/move the saves (they have the .stateX extension, where X is a number) to a folder inside /home/pi/ - let's say /home/pi/saves.
    Configure the save states folder to be /home/pi/saves. This way the save folder will be on the SD card, but your ROMs will still stay on the USB HDD.
    The reason you're not seeing the ROMs from the SD card is that Windows doesn't know how to read the Linux partition on it, and you're only looking at the /boot partition, which only contains the bare minimum to start the RPI system (kernel files and device tree files).

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