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Overdrawing power

  • Hey, so I didn't want to revive a dead thread on this issue and it is Slightly different than the thread I found on this.

    So I have a Pi2 in a NESPI case. It's powered with a 2.5 5v power supply that I purchased with it brand new when they first came out. Has always worked. And until today, it has been great. Now I'm getting the yellow lightning bolt, showing brown outs. What changed?

    Well, I am currently using a wireless Xbox 360 controller and my wife wanted to play too. We have two USB controllers but they aren't long enough to reach the entertainment center. So instead of getting another 360 controller, I bought a Bluetooth adapter for my ps3 controllers. It works beautifully, but now I get the lightning bolt. The only fix so far is to remove it. Seems it's drawing too much power.

    Eventually I'm getting a pi3 which I hope will fix the issue, but until then, is there anything I can do to fix this? I don't mind removing it for single play, but I dont want to fry my Pi playing two player. Is a powered USB hub the only way to go here?

  • @jediknight36 Lightning bolt icon means it's not drawing enough power. A powered hub might work, but keep in mind the nespi case has the flaw of using thin power cables and that's the main cause of the lightning bolt icon popups. You'll need to solder thicker ones. A pi3 will further cause more lightning bolt icon popups since it requires more power than a pi2.

  • @jediknight36 I had no idea. Can you point me to somewhere with some instruction on this issue?

  • @jediknight36

    If you get the lightning bolt popup without the case, then you also need a better power supply.

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