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  • One weird thing that i've noticed is that it seems like a lot of games are running at a way faster speen than usual. does this have anything to do with the retropie or emulationstation or is this the roms fault?

  • @joabro One possibility: usually ROMs are either European or American, and these regions have different video systems compatible with the TVs of their respective markets. The former games are PAL 50Hz, meaning they refresh at 50fps. The later are NTSC 60Hz and refresh at 60fps, running slightly faster. So one possibility is that if you are from an European country and are loading a set of US ROMs, you may have this perception that it’s all a bit too fast (and they are, indeed, faster than you remember). If that’s the case, I’d say stick to them as this is how the games are meant to be played. People prefer US ROMs even in Europe, so much so that even Nintendo have loaded their European mini consoles with American versions of their games.

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