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HiScore issue with lr-mame2003

  • Pi Model or other hardware: Pi 3
    Power Supply used: 5V - 3A
    RetroPie Version Used v4.3
    Built From: Pre made SD Image on RetroPie website - retropie-4.3-rpi2_rpi3.img
    USB Devices connected: USB keyboard / IPAC2 (bought in 2017 / FW 1.44 / Gamepad enabled NO)
    Controller used: Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Ball Top Joystick / Sanwa OBSN-24 Screw In Arcade Button
    Error messages received: None
    Emulator: lr-mame2003


    as hiscore.dat is part of my installation with v4.3, HiScores work fine for all ROM´s I´ve tried yet, except Raiden (
    Unfortunatly Raiden is one of my favourites, so I´d like to make the HiScore work.

    I read in one forum post, that not all games work with Hicore.dat -> How can I check if Raiden is one of them? There is a Raiden entry in hiscore.dat but with no "data". Is this already my answer, that with this missing "data" Hiscores won´t work for this specific ROM?

    Is there some manual possibility to get Hiscores for this ROM working?

    Any suggestions are welcome.

    Best regards

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    @fingal said in HiScore issue with lr-mame2003:

    I read in one forum post, that not all games work with Hicore.dat -> How can I check if Raiden is one of them?

    One somewhat certain way is to simply get a high score, quit and then restart to see if it persists into the next session. Something to remember is that the high score feature won't work whenever MAME cheats are enabled. If all else fails, you can set Retroarch to auto-load and save states whenever you launch and exit. I have my old MAME cabinet set up this way to make sure scores are kept in as many games as possible. If you just want to enable this behavior in lr-mame2003 you could add the following lines to /opt/retropie/configs/mame-libretro/retroarch.cfg.

    savestate_auto_save = true
    savestate_auto_load = true

  • @mediamogul: Thank you for your feedback!

    Is it possible to use this method for specific ROM´s only?
    As I need it only for the games hiscore.dat is not working for.
    So I would then create a with this content:

    savestate_directory = "/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/arcade/mame2003/savestate"
    savestate_auto_save = true
    savestate_auto_load = true
    # Never save-on-exit after an override config
    # or the override will make into the core config.
    config_save_on_exit = false

    What do you think?
    I will give it a try tomorrow.

    Best regards

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    Yeah, that should work.

  • @mediamogul Unfortunatly it didn´t work as intended.
    After closing and reopening the game, the HiScore is still there, but the controls do not work anymore, or at least the Coin-Button is not working.
    I tried to copy the controls from the "overall" retroarch.cfg to the, but this didn´t help either.
    Other games still work fine.
    A file called "" was written into the savestate_Directory.
    Any ideas?

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    You say it's just the coin mapping that doesn't work? If you remove the .cfg file for the game, does the coin selection work again?

  • @mediamogul I guess that the complete controls mapping isn´t working, but can´t be sure as without the coin button I can´t test it.
    With removing the .cfg everything works fine again.
    I also tried to use the standard savestate_directory, but I didn´t work either.

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    @fingal said in HiScore issue with lr-mame2003:

    I guess that the complete controls mapping isn´t working

    Yeah, you should only need the settings you first listed above. Have you at any time altered any mappings in the 'Tab' menu of Mame for this game? Deleting /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/mame-libretro/mame2003/cfg/raiden.cfg will set everything back to it's defaults. If it's a global issue, you might try deleting /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/mame-libretro/mame2003/cfg/default.cfg as well. If you've put a lot of time into mapping through the 'Tab' menu, be sure to back these files up first so that you can replace them later if need be.

  • @fingal if you are interested, i just added hiscores support to raiden and its clones on lr-fbalpha.

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