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FDS cores need synced actions: lr-nestopia, lr-fceumm

  • Hello everybody,

    I know that this isn't huge on anybodies priority list and probably half of the people here don't even know what the Famicom Disk System is. :)

    EDIT: I've made big revisions to the original post here after making some discoveries upon more testing. I was a bit too hasty in my initial impressions, and I own up to that in the following post.

    There are some issues when it comes to using FDS on the RetroPie right now that center around the controller.

    In lr-fceumm, here's a list of what happens:

    1. L1 is mapped to eject and insert a disk. (Neutral)
    2. R1 is mapped to flip the disk. (Neutral)
    3. Yellow on-screen prompts tell you exactly when you did either action. (Good)
    4. You are able to eject games on accident at any time by pressing R1. (Bad)

    In lr-nestopia this is what happens:

    1. L1 flips a disk and loads it. (Great).
    2. This behavior is completely different from lr-fceumm. (Bad, but not Nestopia's fault.)
    3. No on-screen prompts at all to tell you what is happening. (Not necessary).
    4. You can't accidentally eject a disk because this only works when the game is requesting a disk flip. (Great).

    Because we are forced to use L1/R1 to do everyting, anybody using a USB NES controller without shoulder buttons for instance will not be able to play any FDS games. I've tried editing the FDS retroarch.cfg file as per instructions below, but they do not work at all and only say "nul" when I try to use a hotkey I put in the file:

    Because I can't figure out any way to map hotkeys individually to the FDS/NES systems for the disk flip and disk eject/insert, being forced to use L1/R1 is bad for both emulators because you can accidentally screw your game up by pressing L1 while you're playing at any time in lr-fceumm.

    Unfortunately, the compatibility issue comes into play, and some games will not run in lr-nestopia. Hopefully it's not too many of them. It's at around 15-20% right now, but I've only tested around 7 games out of over 100 so far. (Update to come)

    Can somebody tell me how you can make RetroArch change hot-keys on a per-system basis that works since the github documented way doesn't work?

    Thanks for reading. Sorry for my initial hasty post with bad information. Any comments welcome. Please do try to keep them constructive. :)

  • I did some further testing for some new translations that I patched and I have to do a bit of embarrassing back-pedaling here. I'm not too proud to admit when I made a mistake. :)

    L1 in lr-nestopia does "everything" in the RetroPie. It will flip the disk and load it, and it won't do this when you're not being prompted to flip it, so there is no danger that it will screw up your game. I will resume testing on FDS for now, but there has been 1 rom out of about 6 or 7 that I've tested so far that boots back to the romlist in lr-nestopia, so that leaves us with lr-fceumm's completely different system for loading. I'm assuming there is nothing that can be done to fix lr-fceumm to behave like lr-nestopia since the XBox version of NestopiaX has a similer "flip disk" command in the menu that behaves identically to pressing L1 on the pad in RetroPie. (Actually, this is one instance where I prefer how RetroPie handles things).

    There still is the issue of hotkey mapping though. There doesn't seem to be any good way of doing this on a per-system basis that works. Is the information on the github in the following link bad now?

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