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USB rom transfer temperamental - possibly due to Kodi port instaallation?

  • Pi Model: 3
    Power Supply used: Official Raspberry Pi 5.1V 2.5A
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.3
    Built From: SD Image on RetroPie website
    USB Devices connected: Wired keyboard
    Controller used: RaspberryPi controller
    Error messages received: Only “repair drive” issue when plugging USB stick into windows
    Guide used: Searched many forums
    Attachment of config files: Not sure yet how to do this
    How to replicate the problem: Install KODI port and then try to add new roms via USB

    Bit of a strange and frustrating problem. The other day I noticed that that I was having problems adding new roms via USB. The USB would blink for what seemed like ages, even when just trying to add single roms that were small in size, so I never knew when it had finished. If I rebooted and pulled the USB out, sometimes the rom would have been transferred and other times not; occasionally after doing this the rom transfer function would cease and I would have to disable USB function via retropie_setup and then re-enable it.

    I also noticed that when trying new blank USB’s – creating the ‘retropie’ folder and then putting it into the Pi – it wouldn’t do that thing when it populates it with all the rom folders. Sometimes when popping the USBs into my Windows laptop after they’d been in the Pi, Windows would ask to repair the drives.

    I tried reinstalling backed-up images a couple of times and yesterday went for a fresh install of the RetroPie image from the website; each time all seemed fine at first but eventually I would run into the same problem with the USB rom transfer – long-flickering and occasional failure.

    The only common denominator I’ve noticed is that it seems to happen mostly after I’ve installed Kodi in the ‘Ports’ section (as this is usually the last step I take, after I’ve caught up on my roms and before trying to install newer ones).

    Can anyone suggest next steps in trying to diagnose the problem? Sorry to have to ask here but I’ve checked all other forums and have yet to find a solution. Thanks!

  • Kodi has nothing to do with the USB rom transfer, it is not the cause of the problem.
    Did you tried a different USB drive ? The problem may be on the SD card also, so I would try with another one also.

  • @rascas Hi there. Yes, I've tried many different USB drives. Unfortunately I don't have another 32gb SD card so can't test that just yet; it always works until I install KODI...or so it seems - maybe there is another variable I've not noticed yet. I'll see if I can test it on a smaller card with a fresh installation of RetroPie.

  • Do you repair the drive in windows? Don''t format it if it asks obviously but maybe let it repair it. I had a similar issue once and I want to say there was an issue of writing files to the drive but them not sticking until I repaired the drive in windows.

  • @thedatacereal Hi, Yes, I repair the USB drive but then if I put it into the Pi and it does it's weird thing of blinking for ages, I think have to repair it again in Windows if I take it out the Pi.

  • @che_don_john Why don't you transfer the roms via ssh instead of the usb drive?

  • @bytethis Because USB is much, much quicker. I wanted to esnure USB worked as I intended to copy an image of my sd card and give it to a friend who is getting a Pi but who doesn't have the time of know-how to set up RetroPie from scratch (thus enabling him to add his roms more easily). Anyways, ended up reinstalling retropie again from fresh image after messing up input configs and am now transferring all roms via SSH.

  • @che_don_john Ahh..gotcha..I was just curious. I see alot of people transferring via usb and have problems. So much easier using ssh. I was one of them when I first got my pi as I watched a youtube vid with no knowledge of ssh, and I found it took forever to transfer games via . Glad you got it sorted !

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