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Will retroarch settings carry over if I switch emulators?

  • I was wondering if I set up things like skip rate and other audio settings in retroarch for ir-ppsspp if I switch emulators to ppsspp will the settings carry over or do they change back to default when you switch emulators?

    The reason I ask is because I’m trying to get vice city to work on my pi3 and I’m having issues with ppsspp not allowing hot keys so I can’t change things like skip rate to make it run better. Everything else seems to work fine but it’s too slow to play. Also when I use ir-ppsspp I get a totally black screen but I can hear the game playing and controlls seem to be working judging by the corosponding background music.

    I wonder if I change the settings in ir-ppsspp then close out and switch the emulator back to ppsspp will my settings carry over or are they emulator specific?

    I have been trying to fix the hot key issue in ppsspp and I’ve tried to change video settings to get ir-ppsspp to work with no luck. I know at some point I will get one of them to work so this is more of just any FYI question.

  • @ryanh1323 no retroarch settings only work in libretrocores. All emulators that start with lr- are libretrocores. If you had two libretro emulators like lr-fceumm and lr-nestopia for nes then all settings in the retroarch.cfg for nes would work on both. However core settings are different and only work on that core

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