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Recalbox support

  • Is there a way to get controlblock2 working with Recalbox? I haven't found any support for it in ether Recalbox's forum or this one or in the controlblock documentation.

  • @dwango not sure how much help you will get here as we use retropie not recalbox

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    @edmaul69 recalbox also uses a buildroot system instead of being built on top of an OS like Raspbian so it's unlikely it will work in the same way without some coding wizardry on recalbox's end. Petrockblog founded retropie not recalbox ;)

  • Ah so the recalbox devs would have to support it. That's disappointing since the few posts I found on their forums mentioning controlblock seemed to indicate they didn't really care about supporting it. It's usb/bluetooth controllers or direct gpio wiring nothing else seems to supported by them.

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    @dwango But isn't the ControlBlock basically 'GPIO wiring' ?
    Looking at the changelog for version 17.11.10 (latest?) I see:

    Add Petrock’s controlblock quirk to make it recognize the 2 players. Thank you @petrockblog!

    I don't use recalbox, but doesn't this mean they have some support for it ?

  • @mitu Control block is an interface that connects to gpio I don't know how similar it is to direct gpio wiring because tbh I didn't learn how to do gpio wiring because I had control block. Not really sure what they are referring to in that change log but I think they may have used some piece of code from control block in their own gpio driver to get it to support two controllers.

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    The GamepadBlock ( works out of the box with RecalBox. That’s because it is a USB device that does not need any dedicated drivers. As Herb mentioned above, the ControlBlock needs a specific driver that is not preinstalled on Recalbox and cannot very easily be added to it.

  • I would be more likely to learn direct gpio wiring than buy another piece of hardware if I really wanted to get my pitendo running recalbox. I was only a little curious about recalbox. Overall I have become dissatisfied with emulation on the pi in general guess my expectations were set incorrectly. Oh well it was a fun project and I learned a lot. Eh at this point I just might pony up the dough for an Analogue Super NT and be done with it. /end rant Anyway might as well lock/delete the thread not much for anyone else to learn or discuss here and my question was answered several posts ago.

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