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FDS disk side change with (hot)key combination?

  • I'm using each of my Pis inside modified shells of dead consoles. On my NES build I'm using real NES controllers with USB adapters soldered internally, in order to have the Pi console as authentic as possible.

    I have used Select as the hotkey combined with left for rewind, right for fast forward and B for exit (as Select and Start is used by several games for functions).

    All seems great but I have one issue with Famicom Disk System games. It appears that libretro has "hard coded" the disk side change with L1 for both Nestopia and fceumm cores.

    As I am using authentic controllers (and my front ports are purposely not USB), is there any hope for swapping FDS sides via combination, for example with hotkey + up or A?

  • @matchaman You can change it to another button but you can't set it up as a hotkey + button combination unfortunately. I'm not sure how useful that is considering the limited amount of buttons on an NES controller and the fact that most, if not all, will have a function with each game.

  • I'm thinking about a great idee for swapping disk sides, what if you took the original nes cartridge tray and mount a microswitch underneath it. Connect that switch to an open IO port and set it to swap disk in retroarch.
    So every time you push down the tray you can swap disk sides.

    It gives some kind of a genuine feeling to swapping (something).

  • Indeed, that's a good modification idea :D

    For now, I'm using a wireless keyboard for the job, since it's the only traditional input option for me.

  • @matchaman if you use lr-nestopia you only use one button. L1. And you can map it to select. Select will still work the same. If you are in actual gameplay and you hit select it does not eject+ flip while you are in game. But if you say hit select once in gameplay when you get to the flip disk screen it will give you a disk side error. All you have to do is press the select button one time and it will correct itself. If in game you hit the select button an even number of times like 2x, 4x, etc... it wont give you the error. Not a big deal when you do get the error as you only flip a disk once or so while playing so you lose maybe a second of time. Again you need to switch to lr-nestopia as this does not work in lr-fceumm

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