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Controllers wont configure properly

  • I am using a Pi 3 B
    retro-pie version 4.3.8
    Keyboard connect sometimes
    Image installed from raspberry pi (Binary Install)
    controller 8bito snes 30/ "Next" generica snes usb controller

    The problem I am running into is that when I configure a controller it doesn't seem to actually do anything as when playing on Snes9x2010 My start button will not work on my 8bito snes30 game pad as well as hot keys not functioning. I have this also with my generic snes usb game pad in the fact that the hot keys wont work but the start button did work in game but the controls were different layout and I was not able to move with the Dpad.

    I have reset the profiles for the controllers a few times to make sure I wasn't stetting them up wrongly. I was able to get the hot keys to work for my 8bito controller when I put the whole controller configuration into the snes9x2010 retroarch file; however, the start button still does not operate in game. Another thing I tried was manually loading the profile which didn't seem to make any difference.


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