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  • After solving the warp issue. I discovered a new issue. Keymapping.

    Some games work, like duck shoot. Arrow keys move and page down shoots.
    But a game like commando, the first screen continues if i press page up. Which will jam the game.
    To bypass this, just put it on warp mode and wait for the timer to end. Now the game starts.

    To move left, i have to hold spacebar and press V. To move right, i have to hold space bar and press N. To shoot, i need to hold space bar and press M.

    Space bar also lobs granades..

    What kind of keymap is this?

    I put it from symbolic to positional and american US to finnish. Nothing works!
    Same weird keymapping.. I tried my joystick, no dice.

    I have a similar problem with Archon II
    Most of my C64 games only need arrow keys and a fire button which are working with my joystick.

  • @RetroFreak - This may help .

    • Go to "Machine Settings" and then "Joystick Settings".
    • Then go to "Map Joystick", this screen will show you the mappings for two joysticks. Navigate to the "up" mapping, select it and then press "up" on the joystick. Repeat this step for all the other mappings, and for both joysticks if you have a two players connected.
    • Now go to "Joystick Settings" and "Joystick Device 1" and set this as "Jyostick", you can also set "Joystick Device 2" as "Joystick" if you have two players.
    • Next go to "Machine Settings" and "Joyport Settings". Choose "Control Port 1" and select "Joystick, do the same for "Control Port 2".
    • Now exit the gui and the joystick should now work.
    • However, C64 games are sometimes played from Joystick port 1 or 2, this may mean the joystick will not work. The way to remedy this is to re-enter the gui, navigate to "Machine Settings" and then "Joystick Settings". There will be an option to "Swap Joystick Ports" press enter and then exit out of the gui. The joystick should now work. You can also map the "Swap Joystick Ports" to a hotkey (see below).
    • Now these keys have been set they need to saved so that VICE will use these mappings next time it is started. To do enter the gui and choose "Settings Management", then choose "Save Current Settings" and "Save Joystick Map" then exit out of the gui.

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