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IPAC 2 - Huge configuration problem

  • Hi

    Really hope someone can help with my problem as I'm completely stumped, in fact I don't ever remember struggling like this!

    I've just built a bartop cab, everything went well and is fully assembled, I bought a Raspberry pi 3 a week before I started so I could get it all set up and ready to go.

    My setup is for 2 players, each player has a joystick and 6 buttons. Each player has there own individual coin & start button. I have a a button on each side of the cab.

    I connected the Ipac 2 to all the controls and they work perfectly, using a key logger I can see that each button is returning characters. When I switched the system on for the first time I went through the control setup as normal. I allocated select and start to the coin buttons for each player (num5 & num6). I also set the hotkey to the start button (which I believe is best practice)

    When I went into a mame-libretro game, I noticed that start-select was not working, none of the other hotkeys seemed to be working either. I looked through my config and can see that the correct keys appear to be assigned to the buttons.

    This is the content of my config/all/retroarch.cfg

    This is my mame-libretro retroarch.cfg

    One observation I will make is that the directory retroarch-joysticks is empty with no entries, even when checking /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch/autoconfig/ there is nothing inside.

    Would really appreciate any help here, wondering if its something tiny I've overlooked. Just depressing having this new cabinet that can't swap games :D


  • @baviaannl Look at line 20 and 21 of config/all/retroarch.cfg - incorrect quote symbols. Use " and not

  • @rbaker said in IPAC 2 - Huge configuration problem:

    @baviaannl Look at line 20 and 21 of config/all/retroarch.cfg - incorrect quote symbols.

    That's really strange, I only have a single speech mark symbol on my keyboard so I'm not sure how that happened. I changed my controls slightly as I wanted to move them off of the coin button

    Looking at the mame config, the key section (hotkey) is also showing the incorrect quote key... wondering if this is some kind of apple keyboard oddity, not sure how I can change this as when I'm changing the config it looks normal, it's only when I view on paste bin I can see the difference!

    Now I'm really confused although I totally understand why this isn't working!

  • I don't bother with the config files at all on my setup. Not for standard mame anyway, I think fba needs some other config. I usually configure everything from within mame itself by hitting the tab button and going through each of the controls 1 by 1. And I always quit out to the command line to test all my buttons. That's the beauty of the ipac, because it is a keyboard encoder it works just the same way as a standard keyboard would work. So each button has a key assigned to it. fire buttons are usually 7, 9 and 0 on the keyboard just for starters.

  • Well this is crazy, my apple keyboard turns speech marks into the weird ones which don't work. I went into the config file to edit and decided to copy and paste the correct symbols, once in paste bin they are still showing as the wrong kind!! How can I get around this?? Bloody Apple!!!!

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    @baviaannl i don't think it's so much apple but the text editor you're using. sublime text or something like that should work fine.

  • @baviaannl Have a look at this page for keyboard shortcuts:

  • Thanks a lot for all your help guys... in this case it was Apple at fault and I'm going to tell you how you can fix it.

    Apple in their infinite wisdom decided that people don't simply want quotes! Why have a quote when you can have a smart quote :). It's all well and good changing something like this although when you start working on config files which require the default quote, things will go very wrong fast!

    Id suggest that if you are using an Apple system and connecting through a server to make your changes and are facing issues like I mentioned, look very carefully at the quotes and see if they are different from the other untouched entries, if they are, simply follow this guide to change them back to normal:-

    Thanks again guys so much for your help, sometimes it simply needs another set of eyes, I must have sunk in 10+ hours on this and must have looked at that config a thousand times although it never registered :D

    Glad my build is back on track :)

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