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ES fork from git builds on Pi, runs, dies on game selection/exit

  • I'm building EmulationStation from inside a Retropie image installation on an RPi 3B. I haven't been able to build successfully with anything less than g++4.9 (which is possibly another issue), but my builds run fine (both my own changes and clean from the latest git commit). The only problem is that upon selecting a game it barfs to the shell with an illegal instruction, which also happens when I exit ES. (The prebuilt binary is working as intended.) I've tried passing various CXXFLAGS to CMake, but my CMake knowledge is thin enough on the ground and I can't work out why this is happening in the first place. Most of the build information I've seen seems a bit dated, and I'm a little stuck.

  • Well, I've half-answered my question. I somehow suspected CEC to be an issue, and lo, when I changed hdmi_ignore_cec_init to hdmi_ignore_cec, ES stalls on launch, spits out "lvl0: CECInput::mAdapter->Open failed", runs, and then works perfectly, so it's probably an issue with the libcec I'm using.

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