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  • Hi - I'm running a RPi 3 with Xin Mo dual arcade controllers on Retropie v4.3.

    Just installed the latest amiberry (which looks great - thanks to the dev team for this), however I'm having an issue with the Xin Mo arcade controllers, they work as expected when selected in the GUI, however whilst the horizontal axis works as expected, the Up and Down are reversed, so in game pulling down on the stick makes the sprite move up and vice versa.
    Is there a config file I can edit to address this purely for the amiberry emulator? If so how easy is it to edit?
    Note the controllers work as expected (i.e. as configured) on the other emulators


  • @jbodders2018 Hi, are the controls reversed when in the gui, are they just reversed when playing a game, or both?

  • @tuki_cat

    In the Amiberry GUI - they are selectable as Xin Mo dual arcade and in custom controls menu they have the letter [R] next to them - indicating it is pulling from the retroarch setup?
    I've configured this input in emulation station and the controls work as expected (not reversed across the other platforms).

    I perhaps need to edit a dedicated amiberry controller config file? But I'm not sure how to approach this in linux…

  • @jbodders2018

    Hi, the r does indicate that the controller is being picked up from the retroarch.cfg

    Under paths does the controller path point to the following?


    Here is a link to Amiberry wiki, it may help.

    It is strange problem and not one I have come across. Do you have s USB pad to test, to see if the issue is the same with that?

  • Thanks @tuki_cat
    Yep that is the controller path I have, think I just need to go into a configuration file and edit / swap the axis around, then point the controller path to that .cfg.

    Just need to figure out how to do that :-)

  • @jbodders

    I think if you do that, you will then swap the controls around for the other emulators.

    I do remember having some issues with Amiberry, some controls not working, and one of of axis being swapped, when I first upgraded Amiberry.

    You could try uninstalling Amiberry and re-installing from scratch, the issue you have may be to do with an old Amiberry .conf file. I know that it was recommended that you delete the old .conf before upgrading to the new version of Amiberry.

    If that doesn't work you could make a copy of your controller .cfg file and paste into another directory. Swap the up and down axis on that file and then point the Amiberry controller path to that. That way it's only Amiberry that is using that controller .cfg

  • @tuki_cat said in Latest Amiberry release configuring custom controls:

    Thanks for the advice - if I do bring in the Xin-Mo .cfg file to the controller path, would I have to change any code in the retroarch.cfg file which has the path specified in the GUI below the controller path?

  • @jbodders2018 Hello, I m facing the same issue. Have you find a solution?

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