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Couple of quick Hatari questions

  • Just getting to grips with this ace Atari ST emulator and wondered if anyone could help with a couple of things.

    (1) Can you have per-game config files? There are a few games where I'd like to make use of the function that lets you map "Up" on the joystick to the second fire button, but on most I'd rather keep the button for its current function (the Space key).

    I've tried making a CFG file with the same name as my game disk (eg MOONPATROL.ST.CFG) and putting it in the same folder as the disk (ROMS), and in the same folder as HATARI.CFG, but neither worked.

    (2) Alternatively, is there any way of mapping one of the other fire buttons to the function? The config line is:

    bEnableJumpOnFire2 = FALSE

    so obviously I tried adding lines for "Fire3" and "Fire4", but that didn't do the trick. Ideally I'd like to have one button for "Up" and another for "Space" at the same time.

    (3) Is there a way of setting an "instant quit" key (say, Delete) rather than having to hit F12 for the menu and then Alt-Q? I assume so, as the CFG file has a line keyQuit = 113, but I've no idea what key "113" means.

    Cheers for any assistance.

  • @spudsmctoole I'm guessing that's a no, then?

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