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new controller advice/discussion

  • @mitu
    This does look kinda interesting. I have good experience with Hori's quality products.

  • @drake999
    Well, as I mentioned if there would be a reason not to buy it again, it has to be the round dpad. I much prefer the cross-shaped ones. Not saying, however, that f10 has a bad dpad.

  • I have tried a number of controllers for my Pi, including a the cabled Logitech F310, the Logitech PS2 wireless controller via adapter, Steam Controller, and PS3 controller via the Pi's onboard bluetooth. The PS3 via the Mayflash has been the most reliable, no lag, good quality, and replaceable. The cabled controller worked, but is not ideal since it was not wireless. Also bluetooth via the Pi's onboard chip is iffy at best. I have heard you can disable wifi to get the bluetooth connection to lag less. It still means replacing the bluetooth driver in RetroPie though, so the only bluetooth device is the PS3 controller.

    I am quite content with my PS3 + Mayflash PS3 Bluetooth Adapter. The Mayflash adapter can act as an Xbox 360 controller or a generic DirectInput controller, so there is no extra setup. It also supports up to 4 controllers in DirectInput mode. The PS3 controller is highly compatible with all sorts of games due to the number of buttons, analog sticks, and style of D-Pad. I really prefer using it's style of D-Pad for 16-bit and older games.

  • @coldnpale if you are not against wired controllers, i would definitely recommend the switch horipad : 20$ for a gamepad with analog sticks built by hori, is there any reason to not give it a try ?

  • @barbudreadmon
    As much as I love hori, I recall reading some mediocre reviews about this dpad. As it essentially is a cap that is placed over a 4-button dpad if I am not mistaken.

  • Been through so many controllers on the Pi, but got rid of loads when I discovered the F710. To me it covers all the bases so well. Never had an issue with the d-pad either. It's very responsive and tight and never let me down in SF2/3. Outside of the F710 I like to try out all sorts of knock off SNES pads. Currently on the Innext ones which are actually pretty good approximations, though they are light.

    I'm not a snob when it comes to controllers. I've read just as many negative reviews of the 8Bitdo ones as I have the cheapo ones. Build quality isn't necessarily everything when it comes to a playable d-pad in my experience.

  • Kinds starting to lean towards a new f710 again.... :)
    Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences!

  • @coldnpale said in new controller advice/discussion:

    As much as I love hori, I recall reading some mediocre reviews about this dpad. As it essentially is a cap that is placed over a 4-button dpad if I am not mistaken.

    I never saw a bad review about it. Though i remember seeing a lot of comments on those reviews or reddit saying "there is a cap on the dpad, it's definitely bad", but that seemed more like mere speculation from people who didn't even try the product.

    I don't own the product myself, simply because i have no need for it (i guess i already have enough controllers to play 16P games, with spares), but from the reviews i read and its price, it's definitely not a bad buy.

    And btw, by design, a dpad IS a cap over buttons.

  • I just got myself a Speedlink XEOX gamepad controller, loaded up the xbox drivers and the PS drivers just in case. Connected to the Pi and it works a treat. It has two analogue joysticks so I can finally play Operation Wolf. It also has a switch at the back that allows for either DirectInput control or Xinput control, which is a nice option to have, although at the moment I have only used the Xinput option.
    I got it from Maplin, here in the UK as they were closing down, so instead of it being over £20 I got it for £17. It can also be used on a laptop, and has a rapid fire button, but I feel that is a bit of a cheat, so don't use it.
    Will post again in a few weeks to give a proper appraisal, but so far so good.

  • @Impman66 how you set up your speedlink controller? I have SL-6566-BK xeox pro analog gamepad-wireless-black, retropie detected it but when i press&hold A to set up nothing happened.. please help

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