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trouble with an svg

  • hey guys I'm working on helping create a retropie/es theme using carbon as a base with a group of 4 other people and were all first timers however I seem to have trouble getting our svg for fba to show properly its supposed to look like this:0_1519419618587_system logo.PNG but it looks like this :0_1519419647634_screw up.PNG the only thing i really did was change the name of the svg file to system and place it in the fba art folder however it dosent seem to show properly I tried filddling around with it in the code by giving it size and position properties but that didnt seem to help any help is greatly appreciated thanks a bunch

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    You need to convert your vector paths to outlines.

  • @mediamogul ahh thank you very much could you link me any information on how to properly do this thanks a bunch for replying any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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    I'm sure the option location is different depending on what software you're using. What might that be?

  • @mediamogul that would be adobe photoshop cc 2015 in this case i can get acess to gimp if neccessary but im locked out of cc untill i get back on campus

  • @demodairy said in trouble with an svg:

    cked out of cc untill i get bac

    Remind to save the svg file with this options if you are using adobe cc or newer

    0_1519421586078_SVG format para Adobe CC.jpeg

  • @chicuelo i see thank you very much ill see if i cant do that on Monday anything else I can do in the mean time and do you mind if i ask you nice guys a few more questions because there are some other things I'm working on for my end of the project mainly two things: 1. I wish to use a separate background image for the retro-pie options but when I add a background image tag extra= "true" included to the theme.xml in the retro-pie sub folder it seems to break it (it being the entire theme) and I can't seem to figure out the issue 2. I've heard a lot of conflicting documentation about the subject of the carousel being theme able everything from it only being theme-able specifically on retropie to it requiring a plugin to it being hard coded and not being theme able at all I merely wish to remove the grey carousel bar and include the logo svg any recent relevant documentation on this would be appreciated thanks a lot everyone!

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